Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have my face crunched down into cold, white earth.

What the taste of ice and blood would be like mixed together on my already acidic tongue. 

Metallic. Lingering. Thick.

If I'd find it in me to get up.  Blister out one more round despite it all.

Or if I'd finally stay down.

Drift off with the wind.

Disappear into the quiet. 


  1. Evocative color dynamic: white and red mixed together with the dark soil that lies under the ice.

    But I wonder what's worse (better?) -- finding the strength to get up at least one more time, or succumbing to the desire to "finally stay down", as you put it?

    They say that after your core body temperature lowers enough, freezing begins to feel warm.

    1. It’s interesting that you assumed “dark soil” would even be achievable through that much frost. Or that there wouldn’t just be frigid water underneath. Who’s to say it’s not happening on a frozen lakebed? Do you hail from a warmer climate? Maybe an arid one?

  2. I hadn't considered a frozen lake. It changes the color scheme-- red, white, teal. You're right, though, my immediate assumption was permafrost. But imagining this scene happening on a frozen lake might lend more to the idea of staying down. After all, getting up might risk breaking through the ice.

    It was definitely warm here today.


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