Youth (Archive)

My youth was found in middle-class apartments and a bottle of Jack.  It was found in kissing boys that were so much older than me., lying about my age, and passing out on the bathroom floor.  It was waiting, all week, for the weekend -- and another opportunity to ruin some dream.  Everyone would know my name.   Everyone would have touched my face.  The price of being young.


 Hell froze over that day.  The last laps of a fading flame,  blue light licking up the walls,  ready to consume -- Snuffed out.  A single curl of smoke pumped out in a thin line,  writhing and gasping,  dancing and twisting --  Rising only to be  gone.

library update

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  “Had me this boy once. You kinda remind me . . .” She turned and surveyed the corridor. “Johnny, his name was.” ―  William Gibson,  Neuromancer




 Can't even change his own oil.  Trust me, there's enough turmoil to make your skin boil. Bubble, bubble, and toil.  Watch out, here comes my recoil. Because you were nothing but disloyal. So now I'm free to take my crown back, just like a mother fucking royal.