Can't even change his own oil.  Trust me, there's enough turmoil to make your skin boil. Bubble, bubble, and toil.  Watch out, here comes my recoil. Because you were nothing but disloyal. So now I'm free to take my crown back just like a mother fucking royal.




*This draft is so rough, it may as well be 40 grit sandpaper.  Please bear with me while I continue to revise and edit my thoughts into a cohesive use of energy (and hopefully less of a rant). * SOS: SAVE OUR SCHOOLS   MISSION:   TO REINTRODUCE CREATIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE OUTLETS TO STUDENTS BY WAY OF VOLUNTEER AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS.   TO PROPEL FURTHER STUDY AND AUDIT OF CHILD/ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY; STATE AND FEDERAL SCHOOL PROGRAMS; AFTERCARE AND RELIEF PROGRAMS FOR THOSE AFFECTED BY SCHOOL SHOOTINGS; AND THE ROLE OF SCHOOLS IN A COMMUNITY.   I’m going to keep this short and sweet for the sake of urgency.   We took art classes out of schools. We took music classes out of schools. We took auto shop classes out of schools. We’ve taken every form of outlet these children could have ever had a chance in hell with and either abolished it completely or turned it into some sort of paperwork laden nightmare that even the most bureaucratic of us would shudder at. The children a


 " it speaks, but does it dance?" 

Beige is Boring Acrostic (Archive)

B eige is boring, bland, and barren, E voking comfort for those who won't be darin'. I t's found all over, in presets and filters, G arnered by those who can't take pictures. E veryone knows it's where life goes to die --   I s it really that wrong to want a little color to hit my eye? S o take care to remember what next I say,   B eige is lackluster, dated, and cliche. O riginality has fled with your nude monochromatic, R eleasing instead emotions quite problematic. I ask you again, what's so amiss with one being vivid? N o sense in neglecting the colors we've been gifted, G lowing bright pallets are much less restrictive.

Sir, it's 2 p.m. and we're on a crowded city street... (Archive)

 All I wanted to do was go grocery shopping,  whereupon I saw a man whose pants were dropping.  I thought for sure there was no way,  until I had to avoid his urine spray.  To pee right on a public street with such ease! Surely, this must be some new form of disease.  No shame in sight for this poor fellow -- I'm glad I moved before he turned my white shoes yellow.